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Anti-otherkin bullies, stop spreading anti-trans* ideas.


This is something I noticed for some time, and, it’s really started to annoy me and I want to call it out. But, I’m not trans*, so, if this is not my place in some way, or I get something wrong, please, let me know!

I am just very tired of people arguing against otherkin with the argument, “Being transgender is different, because brain scans have proved that trans* people have different brains.” As well as the problem to otherkin, people think this is supporting trans* people, but it’s not. It’s actually the opposite.

When you say this, you say that you don’t support trans* people because of their identities. Their identities mean nothing to you. You support trans* people because of their bodies. Because, in some way, the body says that they are that gender. The brain is part of the body, so, saying that “I accept this person as a woman because they have a ‘woman’s brain’”, is not very different from saying “I accept this person as a woman because they have a vagina”… it’s just moving it to a different part of the body, that needs to exist to “prove” that the person is biologically female in some way.

This is anti-trans*, because you are saying that how the person thinks of their self doesn’t matter. How the person experiences their self doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is whether there is scientific evidence, or, another way of saying it, their body “matches their gender” in some way. That is cissexism, because it is the belief that gender has to match the physical body in some way to be “valid” and “real”.

This is anti-trans*, because, what if future evidence shows that the studies have flaws? What if we discover a group of trans* people who don’t have a “different brain type” that shows on a scan? (The studies I can see all talk about binary identifying people. Do non-binary trans* people have different brains? If they don’t, do the people who say this think non-binary trans* people are “valid” and “real”?) What if some trans* people show on brain scans and some don’t? The second people, are they “not real”?

To avoid these problems, and to respect trans* people, I believe the only way to do it is to accept people for their identities. Not because “their brains are different”. Not because medical science shows a proof (they were not trans* people before people scanned their brains?) But because they experience being trans*. Because, anything else has a risk of erasing some people who do identify as trans*, because they don’t match the science, and also, because it is not respectful to ignore the experiences that a person is telling you, and say, “I will only believe it when I see medical evidence”.

You think you are “just” doing this to otherkin, but, in a way, when you use this argument you are doing it to trans* people, too. You are saying, “I only believe you because someone who is not you gives you an official right to exist”.

To everyone who uses this argument, I want to ask: if new evidence appears tomorrow that proves all those brain studies are wrong, do you still support trans* people?

If you say “no”, then you don’t really support trans* people, not matter what you say.

If you say “yes”, then, your argument that you support trans* people “because their brains are different” is hypocrisy, and you’re just using it because you don’t have a better way to say, “I think trans* people are valid because that sounds like it makes sense to my brain, but otherkin are not valid because that doesn’t sound like it makes sense”. And you know that’s a bad argument, so you’re covering it up with “but trans* people have SCIENCE on their sides!” But, that doesn’t help trans* people at all, because, it’s not the right reason to support them.

So please, stop using that argument. The reason to support people’s identities is not “because science says there’s a difference”. The reason to support people’s identities is “because they identify that way”. And the time to support their identities is before science says anything… because, a long time before people ever think “we should do a study about this!”, people are struggling to have their identities accepted. And if you really believe that argument, you are just proving, you’re the kind of person who would not have supported trans* people then, when they were most vulnerable. You only were ready to support when the rest of society gives you a way to do it, without looking so “strange”.

And, that is not really support at all.

Though this wasn’t written by a trans* person, I do think that it’s incredibly accurate, and I think it’s something everyone needs to look at.  

And for the record, for all of you people who think you’re being trans* allies by making posts like the ones addressed, about how you can “prove” we’re trans—you’re terrible allies.  This post is how you be an ally; you respect people and their identities because it’s their identity and because it’s decent, not because research says you have to.  (And if you’re trans* and making that argument, well.  It’s not impossible for trans* people to be cissexist, y’know.)


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TILFT #123:


ALL otherkin compare themselves to trans* people in every way, including exactly the same oppression.

Not even remotely true, to anyone who actually believes this, and if you’re following this blog and think this is what we’re doing, then you’re not paying enough attention. ;)

(For those that don’t know, the above blog runs on sarcasm.)


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Gender Idetity and Being Non-Human

So one topic that was asked about was how being non-human can affect gender identity. For me this is a complicated topic mostly because my dysphoria has no real distinction so it can be hard for me to tell whether the dysphoria I am experiencing is based on gender of species.

One thing that is clear for me though it that I do not want breasts; as an avian, I would not have breasts in full bird form and in my my more fae form also, for avians there is no need for the body to have breasts; as someone who id’s as androgyne breasts make me uncomfortable in respect to how the are gendered and in general for me just do not belong on my body.

My Gender id and my non human-ness tend to work against each other you could say. My avian self wants long nails like claws, but I get dysphoria based on the comments people make about my nails that push me into the box labeled ‘women’. This is especially frustrating when in terms of gender I have no body dysphoria around my nails. Another problem I have is when things are tight against my back I sometimes feel weird because; “there are supposed to be wings there so how is something that tight fitting?” this can make wearing a sports bra, which is the closet thing I have to a binder, difficult.

I would say that in terms of interaction of identification itself for me isn’t a huge thing. I’m not sure why but for me I just am an androgyne corvid type fae.

As always I love to hear other’s thoughts on the matter.


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otherkin/therian/nonhuman facts


Some nonhumans…
identify as wolves, dragons, leopards and other “powerful” creatures.

Some nonhumans…
identify as cows, sheep, rats, mollusks, plants, earwigs, ducks, and even stones.

Some nonhumans…
see being otherkin as a spiritual thing.

Some nonhumans…
see being otherkin as a psychological thing.

Some nonhumans…
believe in past lives, afterlife, magic, faeries who don’t live in human bodies, or other supernatural things (not necessarily all of these!)

Some nonhumans…

Some nonhumans…
try very hard to fit in with human society. Sometimes, so much, that you might not be able to tell they are nonhuman, and might think that their nonhuman nature is a joke.

Some nonhumans…
express nonhuman nature in their daily lives. Sometimes, so much, that you might think it does not seem “adjusted in society”… but remember, you can’t have this both ways.

Some nonhumans…
try to eat a diet close to what their species would eat, without risking the body they are in.

Some nonhumans…
eat completely different from how their species would eat, for moral reasons, taste reasons, texture reasons, or health reasons.

Some nonhumans…
feel dysphoria/dysmorphia.

Some nonhumans…
do not.

Some nonhumans…
are young people.

Some nonhumans…
are over 50 in human years.

Some nonhumans…
learned their identity in later years.

Some nonhumans…
learned it in childhood, before ever discovering that other people felt this way.

Some nonhumans…
talk a lot about being nonhuman.

Some nonhumans…
are in the closet, even on the internet.

Some nonhumans…
are also non-white/POC, trans*, queer, disabled, or are minority in other ways, or all of these ways.

Some nonhumans…
are neurodiverse, or have mental health issues, but that does not make their identity invalid, the same way it would not make a trans* identity invalid.

Some nonhumans…
use the word “nonhuman”.

Some nonhumans…
prefer the words “otherkin”, “therian”, or just the name of their species.

Some nonhumans…
hate humans.

Some nonhumans…
don’t hate, but are angry at humans.

Some nonhumans…
love humans.

Most nonhumans…
have heard that joke about “if you’re not human, does that mean I don’t have to give you rights” and think it is really ridiculous. (And, a lot of us believe in animal rights, so, yes, we think physical nonhumans deserve rights too.)

All nonhumans…

…are different, and the community is a lot more diverse than people think.

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Trans* Kinfolk

Hello, Trans* Kinfolk is a blog that aims to be a safe place for those who are trans* and non-human in any way. We encourage people to ask questions, submit stories, thoughts, or anything that comes to mind. We want to show people that yes we do exist as well as provide a safe space to meet other and share opinions.

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